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Distinctly Different Sustainable Laminate Solutions

Wipak will present a range of sustainable packaging solutions to visitors at FachPack, including new and innovative applications of paper and plastic laminates for cheese, sausages and more.

Those that visit Wipak at the event (booth 7-132) will be able to see and handle specially-developed packaging solutions that incorporate paper in the lid or in the bottom film, in flowpacks and portion packs, and in laminating strips. There will also be fully-covered products and those that feature individually-designed and laser-cut windows from the paper web.

“With sustainability becoming an increasingly important consideration for manufacturers, packaging solutions must adapt to reflect the demands of the marketplace,” explained Enrico Riechert, Product Marketing at Wipak. “From reducing the amount of plastic and increasing the use of renewable materials, to lowering packaging weight or enhancing recyclability, there are a number of ways that packaging can contribute to a company’s sustainability strategy.

“At Wipak, we have been able to increase the paper share of our new paper bottom film to more than 85 percent. Not only does this film meet our customers’ sustainability requirements, but it maintains the high performance they have come to expect from our products, offering indispensable properties such as aroma protection, migration and oxygen barrier technologies.”            

Eco-Friendly Stand-Up Pouches

Wipak developed a paper/plastic stand-up pouch for meat producer MarKo’s salami sticks – a product which had previously been sold in a metallised pack.

This new paper/plastic laminate, which was launched by MarKo in June 2016, reduced the greenhouse gas potential of the product by almost 40 percent and used approximately a third less energy from fossil fuels to produce.

FSC® Certified

It pays to know that all paper grades used by Wipak for food packaging are FSC®-certified, and have been sourced from verified and sustainable forests. What’s more, they are made of 100 percent virgin fibres to ensure they are free of mineral oils.

The Wipak plants in Germany (Walsrode) and Poland have also been FSC® COC-certified, meaning customers can rest-assured that their supply chain is closed and compliant.

Wipak’s paper laminates can be printed using high quality gravure or flexo-print technology and are able to display the FSC® label. License Code FSC-C130525.

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