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Film Print: Haptic Lacquer Imitates Paper or Fabric Structure

With a special haptic lacquer, Wipak enhances surfaces and gives them a natural touch. An innovation in film printing, which in 2015 was awarded the ERA Award. At FachPack Wipak presents its different uses.

Haptic lacquer has a similar chemical structure to the ink but with the difference that it contains mineral additives for the haptic effect. In conjunction with a special engraving, Wipak creates surfaces, which feel like paper or fabrics. For the cheese series „Präst“ of the Swedish cheese producer Arla, for example, the film was printed imitating a fabric so the plastic material feels natural.

Award Winning Innovation: Wipak’s haptic lacquer produces soft, textured surfaces, which feel like paper or fabrics.

Thanks to its own cylinder manufacturing Wipak can customize the haptic lacquer for each and any design. Besides the proven gravure printing solutions, Wipak can offer also designs using flexographic printing. This means the haptic lacquer is applied with an integrated gravure printing unit. Certain haptic applications can also be done completely in flexographic printing.

Wipak at FachPack:

Hall 7 / Stand 132

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