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Flexible Packaging for Meatballs Saves 30 Tons of Plastic Per Annum


Polyolefine based films such as Biaxop provide a versatile packaging solution that can be converted into flow pack pouches and used to pack a variety of foods, decreasing the use of plastics. 

Mamma Scans Köttbullar are well loved in Sweden, having been enjoyed since 1970s. When changing its packaging, HK Scan selected a flowpack made from Biaxop Q 70 XX FP produced by Wipak which would deliver plenty of benefits. For additional convenience, a zipper was added during the packaging process to provide a reclosing seal.  

The semi-rigid bottom web and sealing film from the old design have been replaced by a convenient and flexible, reclosable pouch, reducing the amount of plastic used by 30tons per annum. In addition to minimizing the amount of waste, the PP/PE based construct of the film means that it can be recycled, whilst the reclose feature helps reduce food waste, keeping food fresher for longer.

Lars-Ove Tönning, sales manager – Sweden comprises: “Biaxop is ideally suited for use with processed meat, such as meat balls in this case. The film is available with convenience features such as high oxygen barrier and easy opening and reclose.  HK Scan’s new meatball pouch saves 30tons of plastic annually proving in this case that less is more.

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