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From Past to Present


Yesterday afternoon, Wipak had the pleasure to welcome a group of our pensioners to our plant in Nastola, Finland.

Wipak Pensioners & Hosts

These experienced co-extrusion specialists were given a tour to view our refurbished manufacturing plant during their visit. Seeing all the latest modern production lines and the lean environment impressed them, bringing back multiple memories from the old times.

Heikki Parkkula, who worked at Wipak Nastola for 35 years, remembered the times when the plant was new in 1969. He started only two weeks after production was set up in Nastola. “At the time, Nastola didn’t have enough housing for the amount of employees that moved there to work for Wipak”, Heikki explained. “Some employees lived in tents outside the plant, or in the dressing rooms. Most employees post was also directed to the plant – we were all a big family”, he continued.

Heikki Parkkula (left) and Timo Ouninkorpi, Wipak

Keijo Lehto remembered having a occupational health inspection after working at Wipak for 10 years, “The doctor asked me have I enjoyed my work. I remember telling them that I would be fibbing if I told them I didn’t enjoy it. And I continued to enjoy it for another 29 years.” Keijo worked at Wipak for a respectful 39 years.

Keijo Lehto

Great teamwork has been one of the key factors in Wipak’s success. This also became evident from the stories shared during the day. At Wipak, we are fortunate to have gathered together such a talented crew, who possess a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field. Both in the good old times, but also today in present.

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