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Grilstad choose Wipak solution to replace 220 tonnes of plastic with recycled content


Wipak has been key in helping leading meat supplier Grilstad break new ground in Norway as pioneers in sustainable packaging, with the company having recently replaced 220 tonnes of their traditional plastic material with recycled content.

By choosing Wipak’s MP-R film, Grilstad’s best-selling cold cuts are able to reach consumers in packaging with at least two-thirds recycled plastic content. Plus, this solution reduces the customer’s CO2-eq emissions for this brand by 49%.

“The biggest challenge today is the lack of a market for recycled plastic. Unless we increase the demand for recycled plastic, we will not be able to establish a circular economy either. And without a circular economy, we will not be able to make the transition from the current use and disposal system”, states Kari-Lill Ljøstad of Grønt Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway), who develop and operate recycling schemes for used packaging in Norway.

As the first in Norway to use packaging containing recycled plastic from Wipak, Grilstad is actively contributing to a circular economy where plastics can be retained in the supply chain. By increasing demand for such materials, the company has been able to reduce its emissions and hopes to encourage the proper collection and sorting of recyclables.

Wipak is proud to work alongside Grilstad as we journey towards a more sustainable future.

Our MP-R solutions offer mechanical and optical properties at the same level as virgin APET/PE, keeping food waste at a minimum while lowering your environmental footprint with every pack. Interested in how these innovative solutions can support your sustainability goals? Get in touch today!

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