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Invisible Bar Codes: Wipak Expands its Know-How and Application in Europe


The digitisation of the retail trade is moving quickly, with a major focus on invisible bar codes and new opportunities being created for POS marketing and package design. In Europe, Wipak is one of the leading pioneers of interactive packaging and is expanding its know-how and application of invisible coding.

“Shopping is becoming easier, faster and more convenient as it is no longer necessary to focus the scanner on the barcode,” said Adolf Ahrens, Head of the Innovation Center at Wipak. “What’s more, intelligent functions can now be integrated into the package, providing added value to retail chains and brand manufacturers, and allowing them to rise above the competition.”

Wipak is implementing this innovative invisible bar code technology into its packaging solutions, with codes being generated by the US technology firm, Digimarc, before being integrated into packages using gravure, flexo-print or digital-print technology.

“Not only are these codes improving consumer convenience, but they have many other benefits to businesses,” continued Ahrens. “From controlling packaging machines to optimizing logistics, we work closely with our partners to provide Wipak customers with real added value.”

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