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NEW Wipak offering delivers Heavyweight Performance in a Lightweight Package


At a time when sustainability and the reduction of food waste remains at the forefront of the consumer mind-set, Wipak have expanded their range of Bialon and Biaxer laminates, increasing their suitability for use in demanding applications of Mozzarella packaging where the seal strength and the durability of the packaging is of paramount importance.  

The new laminates: Biaxer 55 White OFP; Bialon 40 White OFP and Bialon 55 White OFP can reduce the overall thickness of packaging by up to 25µ whilst offering greater product protection through the higher seal strength and up to 20% increase in the force required to puncture the laminate.

Furthermore the new laminates overcome technical challenges specific to Mozzarella packaging, perform exceptionally well on machines to maximise the output that the customer is able to achieve. 

“Mozzarella bowls are generally packaged in liquid on a high speed VFFS line. Sealing at high speed and through contamination is of critical importance. New Bialon/Biaxer OFP range does just that”, says Davide Zinzalini, Business Development Manager, Innovation Business at Wipak. “The seal tightness and excellent drop resistance ensure the product safety.”

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