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Reclose System: TWINfilm Runs on Any HFFS Packaging Line


The Wipak TWINfilm reclosing system received several awards across the course of 2016, including recognition at the German Packaging Awards and at the WorldStar Awards. It consists of two film webs with an integrated reclosing system and a large, easily accessible opening across the entire package length.

TWINfilm runs on any packaging line and there is no investment required. This is a key difference to other systems, where special equipment is usually required (e.g. in order to create a longitudinal seam; where a double-sided adhesive tape has to be entered as a strip; or when other modifications are required). As technical retrofitting is also not required, TWINfilm is an economical option for all companies.

New Product Version: TWINSEALfilm

Wipak has developed a new version of TWINfilm called ‘TWINSEALfilm’. Using a longitudinal seam, it provides longer shelf life, high leak protection and is therefore also attractive to meat and sausage product manufacturers and packagers.

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