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Introducing the newest addition to Wipak’s sustainable solution portfolio: SC ECO XX XPP


Recyclable solutions can help to enable a circular economy for flexible packaging. As Wipak seeks to use raw materials efficiently and keep circularity in mind, we are proud to introduce the newest member of the sustainable range: SC ECO XX XPP, a recyclable PP-based thermoformable film with a high barrier.


SC ECO XX XPP films are perfect for thermoforming applications and vacuum packaging. They guarantee customers with a solution that is sustainable while keeping product safety and technical performance at an all-time high.


“Our new SC ECO XX range shows excellent results on the packaging machines”, shares Wipak Manager Application Service and R&D Kai Nieber. “With this thermoformable mono-PP solution, common PA / PE films, such as those used in vacuum applications, can be replaced. Due to the special manufacturing process and the use of high-performance raw materials, these films offer exemplary mechanical properties, high puncture resistance, excellent forming behavior, and great transparency!”


Key Facts:

  • Thickness range: 100-200 µm (300 µm under development)
  • Sealing temperature range: 130-150°C (using BIAXOP ECO XX XPP lidding film)
  • Oxygen barrier: <2 ccm/sqm d bar (23°C/50% r.h.)
  • Temperature resistance: suitable for pasteurization up to 100 °C / 1h (further tests for higher temperature applications are ongoing)
  • Excellent thermoforming properties and mechanical strength. Comparable to PA/PE film of same thickness range.
  • Transparency comparable to SC XX PA films.
  • Recyclable (aligned with Ceflex D4CE Guidelines)*

What’s more, together with our BIAXOP ECO XX XPP films, these films are the perfect match for a PP-based packaging solution that aligns with common Design Guidelines for Recycling and Retailer Style Guides.


As Wipak continues our journey towards net carbon zero, reducing our CO2 footprint is at the heart of new developments. Films in the SC ECO XX XPP product range allow for 60-70% CO2-reduction, compared to standard PA/PE films of the same thickness.  


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*Recyclability certification is currently in progress

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