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‘Tis the Season to Celebrate


100 Years in Finland and Wihuri-House

It’s a double celebration for Wihuri – the parent company of Wipak. Not only is our home country of Finland celebrating 100 years of independence this December, but we are also marking another century milestone – 100 years since Wihuri Head Office, the former luxury hotel in Kulosaari Helsinki, Finland was built.

During the last 100 years, Finland and Wihuri have both seen substantial growth and development, with the latter growing from a small family business, into the diverse global enterprise it is today.

To mark Finland’s independence, several countries will be illuminating central and symbolic buildings and venues with blue and white light on 5 – 6 December, including the Niagara Falls in Canada; the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden; the Colosseum in Rome, Italy; Belém Tower in Lisbon, Portugal; and Castle Fortaleza in Maputo, Mozambique.

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