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Wipak Advocates Spouted Pouches as Sustainable Solution for Semi-Liquid Products


With packaging waste becoming a growing concern for many households, Wipak is reminding food manufacturers of the eco-friendly benefits of spouted pouches for semi-liquid products, such as fruit puree, baby food and yoghurt.

“The main advantage is that spouted pouches are more environmentally friendly than glass or rigid plastic containers.  Reduced carbon footprint, less waste volume, more energy savings, which means they require fewer natural resources to produce,” explained Davide Zinzalini, Business Development Manager at the Wipak Group.

“To help our customers further improve their sustainability credentials, we launched a turnkey spouted pouch solution last year with Italian processing and packaging machine supplier, IMA. Called WIIMA, the concept combines a state-of-the-art machinery and service package for spouted pouch production, with premium quality packaging films and industry-leading design consultation. The two elements work seamlessly together to simplify packaging machine changeover and increase output, which means WIIMA can lead to improved operations, reduced material consumption, reduced manufacturing waste, and lower emissions to create, store and ship a package.”

WIIMA is a cost effective one-stop-shop solution, which incorporates state-of-the-art pouch machinery, installation, maintenance and repair, and an on-site technical service for the complete packaging line during a contractual period. It also includes an expert consultation service provided by the team at Wipak, who can recommend a range of barrier films, heat-resistant film, paper laminates and aluminum-free laminates for the pouches, as well as a broad range of printing options – from gravure and flexo print, through to inkjet digital printing.

“At Wipak, we are dedicated to continuously improving the sustainability of our product range, and more recently developed a spouted pouch which brings together solvent-free paper laminates and inkjet digital printing,” continued Mr. Zinzalini. “Printed using our unique ProDirect® digital inkjet technology and suitable to WIIMA customers, the spouted pouches are a highly energy efficient solution for semi-liquid food products and have received a lot of interest.”

“I’d encourage those interested in finding out more about WIIMA or our digitally printed paper laminates pouches to contact Alternatively, please visit our Contact us- section to find your local sales representative.”

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