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Wipak Customer packs are WORLDSTAR WINNERS


We are delighted to announce that two Wipak customer packs have been unveiled as winners in the 2018 WorldStar Awards.

MarKo’s innovative climate-neutral stand-up pouch for Salami Sticks and Atria’s easy-open vacuum pack for mince beef were both recognised in the Food category, which was judged in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last month by a panel of representatives from 16 packaging associations, including members of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

Climate-Neutral Stand-Up Pouch

Having previously used metallized plastic packaging, Thuringia-based manufacturer, MarKo wanted a more eco-friendly pack for their Salami Sticks product. The Wipak team worked closely with MarKo to develop a paper-plastic composite pack, which utilized FSC®-certified paper, reduced global warming potential by 40%, and required approximately one third less energy in the manufacturing process*.

The second phase of the project saw MarKo enlist the support of our groundbreaking ProDirect inkjet printing technology, which combines extremely high-quality digital printing with wide web, high performance paper laminate structures. It was this new technology that helped to further reduce product-related CO2 emissions.

*Confirmed by an independent institute.

Easy-Open Vacuum Pack

Launched in the Finnish market in February 2017, the Atria easy-open vacuum pack is unlike any other pack for minced beef.

Using our sandwich printed BIAXER, together with a matt black SC XX bottom film, the pack is incredibly easy to open and does not require scissors – consumers simply pull the tab to peel open the package. Once open, the minced beef is easy to remove from the pack and can be put straight into a pan or a bowl for preparation.

The vacuum pack uses over 50% less packaging material compared to traditional minced meat packages, and adapts perfectly to the shape of the product, saving space during transport, in-store, in consumers’ shopping bags, in the refrigerator, and in the bin. Furthermore, the beef is packed without the use of packaging gases.

All WorldStar winners will be recognised at a prestigious awards ceremony and gala evening on 2 May 2018, which will be held at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia at the same time as the Australian Institute of Packaging’s National Conference.

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