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Wipak wins exclusive Gold Award in Sustainability at German Packaging Awards 2020


Wipak has been awarded the exclusive Gold Award in Sustainability at the German Packaging Awards. Wipak is one of four Gold Award winners in the Sustainability category – the only one representing the flexible packaging industry – owing to our recyclable PE-based mono-material packaging concept for the fictional Green Haven brand. Announced during the German Packaging Institute dvi Dialogue Week, the Gold Award is an opportunity for the jury to honour innovations that stand out from the illustrious circle of 38 packaging award winners.

“This is simply the result of great team work and spirit in creating the entry, not only a great sustainable concept solution but an example of how we innovate at speed with our customers” shared Susan Jansen, Sustainability Manager at Wipak.

Wipak’s innovative solution for Green Haven vegetarian sausages was recognised for effectively balancing recyclability with high levels of protection and production efficiency, ultimately reducing the overall carbon footprint of the packaging film by up to 30 percent. The protective sleeve around the packaging is made of FSC® certified paper from sustainably managed forests and can be easily separated from the main plastic body and disposed of alongside paper waste. The plastic content remains unprinted, ensuring material quality stays high even after recycling. The sleeve also contains a Digimarc Barcode® that can quickly be scanned with your mobile phone to easily access information about the product, the brand, or how to correctly dispose of the packaging.

“Once again, companies within the packaging industry have proven how highly innovative, creative and goal-oriented they are in tackling both the major and seemingly smaller challenges of our time and finding first-class solutions”, the German Packaging Institute expressed.

The German Packaging Institute (DVI) Dialogue Week is taking place online from 21-25 September 2020. For inquiries or more information on our sustainable packaging solutions, please click here or contact us.

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