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New Pilgrims Choice Pack is the Green Choice for Grated Cheese


Innovative grated cheese packaging delivers a 49% carbon footprint reduction and a 15% material saving compared to the old pack format


Ornua Foods UK is making a further significant step forward in its sustainability journey with the transfer of its Pilgrims Choice grated cheese into more environmentally friendly and fully recyclable packaging.  The move, by the No2 UK cheddar brand, will deliver a 48% carbon footprint reduction and a 15% material saving compared to the old pack format.  The innovative new Pilgrims Choice 180g Extra Mature and 150g Medium grated cheese packs will appear in retailers across the UK from February.

Working in partnership with Wipak UK Ltd., a leading supplier of high barrier films for food products, Ornua has developed a mono-structure grated cheese pack specifically for the Pilgrims Choice brand. The new pack significantly reduces the packaging’s carbon footprint and amount of plastic used. The new pack can also be fully recycled via return-to-store schemes* and is certified by the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme.

The mono-structure grated cheese pack retains the same look, feel and functionality of the old pack, whilst meeting the same high demanding requirements of the supply chain, maintaining packing line speeds and extended shelf life through the inclusion of EVOH as a gas barrier.

Kerry Alexander, Brand Director for Ornua Foods UK said: “Following on from the launch of our ‘Less Plastic, More Fantastic’ Pilgrims Choice Megablock, a first-of-its-kind block cheese pack which delivered a 40% reduction in plastic, we wanted to make a similar step change when it came to our grated cheese packaging.  The new Pilgrims Choice grated packs deliver significant environmental benefits without compromising on form and functionality.

“At Pilgrims Choice we believe that even the smallest developments can make a big difference and our new, more sustainable, grated cheese packs are another essential step forward in supporting consumers to make positive environmental changes.”

Commenting further Kerry Wesley, Sales Executive at Wipak UK, said: “Part of our ‘GreenChoice by Wipak’ range of sustainable packaging solutions, the mono-structure pack for Pilgrims Choice has a 48% carbon footprint reduction and a 15% material saving compared to the old pack format.  As such, it represents REAL sustainability in the fight against unnecessary plastic.

“It’s not always easy to make the right decisions where sustainability is concerned. That’s why Wipak UK is designing packaging solutions with customers like Ornua Foods, which help consumers make the right choice. Now, consumers of the UK’s number two branded cheddar, Pilgrims Choice, can return empty packs to store, confident that they will enter the recycling stream.”


*All major retailers are participating in return-to-store recycling schemes, with collection points sited at the front of stores.

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