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Guaranteeing renewable material traceability for sustainable packaging: Wipak Valkeakoski achieves ISCC PLUS certification


This is Wipak’s fifth European production plant to achieve ISCC PLUS certification after Nastola, Walsrode, Gryspeert, and UK.


The use of renewable raw materials like paper and new plastics made from renewable feedstock can help companies like Wipak to achieve independence from fossil resources. By utilising these kinds of materials in sustainable packaging, the company also avoids the release of additional carbon into the atmosphere.


As renewable materials and recycled materials are increasingly employed in the company’s sustainable solutions, the need to ensure that all materials are responsibly sourced is on the rise. Wipak’s sustainable portfolio GreenChoice by Wipak already incorporates FSC® certified paper and ISCC PLUS certified renewable or circular feedstock by following a mass balance approach. The ISCC PLUS certification ensures the traceability of raw materials along the entire value chain in the food and chemical sectors.


The ISCC PLUS bio-circular or circular materials possess the same high quality as raw materials from fossil resources, but with a lower carbon footprint. The goal is to further increase the proportion of renewable and recycled raw materials in film production. These certified sustainable materials meet all the required product specifications and functionalities and are also suitable for food packaging applications.


Since 2021, the Wipak Group has already achieved the ISCC PLUS certification for a number of its facilities, including Wipak Nastola in Finland, Wipak Walsrode in Germany, Wipak UK, and Wipak Gryspeert in France. Wipak Valkeakoski followed most recently in January 2022. Obtaining this certification is a significantly stringent process because every production site  must be individually certified.


Concrete actions towards carbon neutrality

The certification is well worth the process as Wipak wants to ensure that transparency is provided by the ISCC PLUS certification to all customers looking for sustainable, high quality and premium packaging solutions. Through independent ISCC auditing, Wipak’s progress in increasing the use of sustainable raw materials in its sustainable product portfolio is both measurable and traceable.


Wipak has promised to achieve company carbon neutrality by the year 2025. Reducing product emissions is the next step in Wipak’s sustainability strategy that requires constant development, innovation, and collaboration with partners from across the industry and around the world. To lower the product carbon footprint, the company’s product portfolio will expand from recyclable and recyclate-containing products to bio-based products.


Introduced in 2021, the GreenChoice by Wipak product portfolio has been designed to make sustainability in flexible packaging as easy as possible, enabling customers to invest in more sustainable products and set their sights on a green economy.


For more information and enquiries, please contact:

Josefina Pönkkä – Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist, Wipak Group

Tel: +358 40 1472 972 



Susan Janssen – Sustainability & Sustainable Products Manager, Wipak Group*

Tel: +31 46 4202 935



* A number of Wipak experts will be available in person at Empack Netherlands 2022 (5-7 April), including Sustainability & Sustainable Products Manager Susan Janssen. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover more about Wipak’s sustainability strategy and product portfolio at stand D112, Evenementenhal Gorinchem. More information:

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