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This is Wipak’s fifth European production plant to achieve ISCC PLUS certification after Nastola, Walsrode, Gryspeert, and UK.


The use of renewable raw materials like paper and new plastics made from renewable feedstock can help companies like Wipak to achieve independence from fossil resources. By utilising these kinds of materials in sustainable packaging, the company also avoids the release of additional carbon into the atmosphere.



Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian partners, their loved ones, and the millions of people suffering the direct effects of this war. It has never been more important to respect and care for each other, and our shared values. We add our voice to the many that are calling for an immediate end to violence.


The Wipak Group is contributing to the aid via two routes:

Press Releases

Innovative packaging supplier, Wipak UK, is set to launch a UK-first recyclable paper wrap for butter, which can be recycled at kerbside within the paper waste stream and boasts a 68% carbon footprint reduction when compared to market-standard wraps1 .   

Press Releases

Innovative grated cheese packaging delivers a 49% carbon footprint reduction and a 15% material saving compared to the old pack format



Wipak tarjoaa tänäkin vuonna kesätyötä lähes sadalle nuorelle. Prosessiteollisuuden kausityöntekijöitä haetaan sekä Lahden (Nastolan) että Valkeakosken tuotantolaitoksiin useisiin eri tehtäviin kesän ajaksi. Pääosa tehtävistä on tuotannossa sekä tuotannon tukitehtävissä, ja haussa on mm.