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A circular economy for flexible packaging requires all recycling technologies.
Today, mechanical recycling is the primary process used.
Materials from chemical or advanced recycling can complement more established recycling technologies, allowing more flexible packaging to be recycled.
Chemical or advanced recycling can complement existing recycling technologies. Fortunately, alternative technologies are under development in the field of chemical recycling, some of which will reach greater production scales in the near future. For now, the recognition and acceptance of advanced recycling will allow more flexible packaging to be recycled, and for us to reuse these recycled materials in the same applications. In cooperation with suppliers and with an ISCC Plus certification scheme in place, we are implementing new solutions in close partnership with our customers.
Since 2021, the Wipak Group has received the ISCC PLUS certification for several of its facilities, including Wipak Nastola in Finland, Wipak Walsrode in Germany, Wipak UK, and Wipak Gryspeert in France. Wipak Valkeakoski followed in January 2022.
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Antoine Cassel R&D Director
Wipak|Circular Feedstock Wipak|Circular Feedstock

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