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It’s unfortunate that the word “plastic” has come to be grouped with fossil fuel-derived resins that contribute to pollution. The actual meaning of the word goes way back, before recycling symbols or credit cards. The word “plastic” derives from the Greek verb “plassein,” meaning “to mold or shape” – and that remains its core meaning: to be malleable and flexible. In short: its form can change. 
Overall, flexible plastics are lighter and more efficient than many alternatives. Their light-weight reduces their environmental footprint by decreasing waste, energy use, and carbon emissions. They help protect and preserve goods while reducing transportation weight, cost, and fuel, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Without plastic packaging many products would not survive the long journey to the shops and to the consumers’ homes. 
But this isn’t to support using only plastics or littering the environment. 

On the contrary, at Wipak we are actively supporting circularity, proper recycling, and accurate waste sorting to keep it in the supply chain. But currently, flexible packaging plastic materials are one of our best options to reduce food waste and keep carbon emissions low. 
We are also focused on the continuous development of new, sustainable product families made from alternative, non-crude oil materials like cellulose. We are currently transforming our product portfolio to be fully recycle-ready and, wherever possible, based on materials from renewable resources and containing recycled materials. Some of our readily available lines include our NFO ECO* products, which are PA-free and adhesive-free, with high barrier properties and a reduced CO2 footprint. 

Most importantly, we remain focused on preventing material waste. We understand this: plastic should be used as little as possible, but as much as necessary. Interested in our existing solutions? Check out and contact us today! 

*Find out more about how we won Gold in Sustainability at the German Packaging Awards last year with our NFO ECO Green Haven concept:

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