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Web Center – Online Print Image Management

“In the future, our customers will be able to track their orders in real time, to check drafts and print images, to comment and to approve online“, Wipak’s Maik Lange explains. The web platform helps to accelerate coordination and approval processes and to simplify communication in the course of a project.

“The functions are market standard. However we do not offer a standard solution, but we rather help our customers to ideally set up the platform according to their individual requirements”, Adolf Ahrens, Head of Wipak PackDesign adds. The functions can be tailored to the requirements and the user interface can be individually configured, e.g. by adding a customer logo. In cooperation with the customers, Wipak defines access permissions and processes. The service also includes an extensive training. Maik Lange: “We provide end user training on site to make sure that the WebCenter is integrated smoothly in the daily routines and the end users can reap the benefits of online collaboration“.

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