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Wipak Reveals New Sustainability Brand: GreenChoice by Wipak


The company’s GreenChoice portfolio will help partners and customers to achieve their sustainability goals while pursuing carbon neutrality.


Wipak has been developing and establishing sustainable packaging solutions in the food and medical sectors for years, understanding the need to take concrete actions towards mitigating climate change. Now, with the support of new technologies and intelligent pack design, Wipak’s strategic pledge to reduce the company’s carbon footprint to zero by 2025 has been taken to the next level.

“Choosing sustainability is not easy enough so that we can make significant progress as quickly as we need to. GreenChoice has been designed for one purpose only: to make the choice in favour of more sustainable packaging as easy as possible,” states Hery Henry, Wipak Group Head of Brand & Sustainability.

We have always encouraged our consumers to make sustainable choices. But when it comes to the flexible packaging offering, it is our responsibility as the industry to make sure those choices are as clear as possible.

GreenChoice by Wipak captures the heart of the Wipak family values in a single brand. It represents both growth and looking to the future. With a skilled and comprehensive team of creative minds and technical experts, the GreenChoice portfolio has been designed to help our customers make informed decisions that benefit the environment and make strides towards a green economy.



Three Categories of GreenChoice by Wipak


The comprehensive GreenChoice portfolio is based on 3 distinctive categories – Recyclable, Renewable, and Recycled material content – all with a focus on reducing the CO2 footprint and environmental impact of the packaging as much as possible.

” At Wipak, minimising the CO2 footprint of our packaging and conserving our finite resources is imprinted in our DNA. We want to avoid the release of additional carbon into the atmosphere. Materials such as paper and plastics made from renewable feedstock help us achieve independence from fossil resources, which have stored carbon over thousands of years,” says Katharina Machner, Product & Packaging Designer, Wipak N.E.X.T. Centre for Packaging Innovation.

“With our GreenChoice ProDirect® portfolio, we’ve gone the extra mile by offsetting the small, remaining amount of carbon emissions in our solutions through certified climate protection projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner,” shares Susan Janssen, Sustainable Solutions Manager.


Concrete actions towards carbon neutrality


GreenChoice by Wipak is a comprehensive product portfolio designed to make sustainability in flexible packaging as easy as possible, enabling customers to invest in more sustainable products and set their sights on a green economy. Wipak aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, which will see the company’s sustainable product portfolio expand from recyclable and recyclate-containing products to fully renewable bio-based products.

”GreenChoice is the product element of our carbon neutral strategy. We want to build GreenChoice to be the number one brand for sustainable flexible packaging in the market. When our customers think of sustainable packaging, they’ll automatically recognise that with GreenChoice and with Wipak, ” states Wipak Group CEO Karri Koskela.


For more information and enquiries, please contact:


Katharina Machner​​​​​​, GreenChoice Project Manager, Wipak N.E.X.T. Product & Packaging Designer

tel: +4951614880568, email: katharina.machner@wipak.com

Susan Janssen, Wipak Group Sustainable Solutions Manager

tel. +31464202935, email: susan.janssen@wipak.com

Josefina Pönkkä, Wipak Group Marketing and Communications Coordinator

tel: +358401472972, email: josefina.ponkka@wipak.com


Wipak specialises in high-end packaging solutions and services for perishable food products, as well as healthcare sterile supplies and devices. Wipak is well respected in Europe and Asia for its expertise in complex multilayer films in general and barrier films. Wipak’s strength is in linking expertise in research and development with the group’s production and sales capabilities around the globe. Wipak operates eleven facilities and a network of sales offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and it is part of the family-owned Wihuri business conglomerate.


GreenChoice by Wipak landing page https://www.wipak.com/green-choice/

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