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Woodly’s Wood-based Plastic Now Introduced into HK® Maakarit and Kariniemen® Grilled Sausage Packaging


Produced by Wipak, the wood-based packaging film brings HKScan a step closer in their journey towards a carbon neutral food chain.

Northern European food company HKScan has made progress towards a carbon neutral food chain by introducing Woodly’s wood-based plastic packaging to the Finnish market in HK Maakarit’s artisan grilled sausages and Kariniemen’s grilled sausage series, during the summer of 2021. HKScan aim to make the company’s own industrial production carbon neutral by the end of 2025, and to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the farm-to-consumer value chain by the end of 2040 at the latest. The introduction of a carbon neutral Woodly® component in this type of packaging is part of HKScan’s responsibility programme. The Woodly® component reduces the carbon dioxide emissions of the finished packaging film by approximately 50% compared to traditional plastic packaging.


“At HKScan, we are constantly improving the use of packaging materials in our product packaging. In addition, we map more environmentally friendly materials and create packaging solutions that reduce food waste and extend the shelf life of products,” says HKScan Finland Marketing Director, Mikko Järvinen.


For the application of Woodly’s wood-based plastics in HK Maakarit and Kariniemen’s respective sausage products, HKScan has partnered with Woodly Oy, the developer of the wood-based plastics, and packaging manufacturers Wipak as the developer of the packaging film.


The main raw component in Woodly® material – coniferous cellulose – comes from certified, sustainably managed forests. The renewability of the material makes it a viable replacement for fossil-based packaging materials. Woodly film produced by Wipak has the same properties as conventional film used for these kinds of packaging applications.


Wipak focuses on renewable resources that are suitable for food applications, such as Woodly®. All our sustainable product innovations are based on the reduction of the use of virgin plastic raw materials – we strive for market introduction of innovative renewable raw materials like Woodly®. We strongly believe that alongside our proud partners, HKScan and Woodly, we are taking the lead within the food packaging industry and taking strides towards producing completely carbon neutral packaging solutions.


For more information please contact: 

Mikko Meriluoto, Product Manager, Sustainable Products at Wipak, tel. +358 50 5916684
Josefina Pönkkä, Wipak Group Marketing and Communications Coordinator tel. +358 40 1472972

Wipak specialises in high-end packaging solutions and services for perishable food products, as well as healthcare sterile supplies and devices. Wipak is well respected in Europe and Asia for its expertise in complex multilayer films in general and barrier films. Wipak’s strength is in linking expertise in research and development with the group’s production and sales capabilities around the globe. Wipak operates eleven facilities and a network of sales offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and it is part of the family-owned Wihuri business conglomerate.


Mikko Järvinen, HKScan Finland Marketing Director, tel. +358 10 570 2851
HKScan Media Service Desk tel. +358 10 570 5700,

HKScan is a Nordic food company with a strategic target to grow into a versatile food company. Our responsibly produced, delicious products are part of consumers’ varied food moments – both every day and on special occasions. We have some 7,000 HKScan professionals applying more than 100 years of experience to make locally produced food. For us at HKScan, responsibility means continuous improvements and concrete actions throughout the food chain. As part of our Zero Carbon programme, we are targeting a carbon-neutral food chain from farms to consumers by the end of 2040. Our home markets cover Finland, Sweden, the Baltics and Denmark. Our strong product brands include HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg® and Rose™. Through our strategic partnerships, we are also known for Kivikylän®, Tamminen® and Boltsi brands. HKScan is a publicly listed company, and in 2020, our net sales totalled nearly EUR 1.8 billion.

Jaakko Kaminen, Woodly CEO, tel. +358 50 590 0035

Woodly Ltd is a Finland-based technology company and pioneer in wood-based plastics. Woodly® is a new type of wood cellulose-based, carbon neutral, recyclable and transparent plastic.

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